The Photography


Allisdhair approaches photography with the eye and heart of an artist. Using long, hand-held exposures letting the movement of the subject of the camera and the subject "paint" themselves on the image. Using this method photographs are created which appear more like paintings with colour and light blending together creating ethereal landscapes and revealing new dimensions of the subject. He is self-taught and is a member of Cheshire Artists Network, Contemporary NorthWest, a group of like minded photographers in the northwest of England and the Royal Photographic Society. Allisdhair is inspired by Ansel Adams, Peter Lik, Gerhard Richter, Jean Cocteau, the poetry of W.B. Yeats and Dylan Thomas amongst others.


The Poetry


Allisdhair's poetry comes from the same place as the photography, often words or phrases come to him when taking the photographs and sometimes when viewing them.




I am a member of the Cheshire Artists Network, a group of professional artists based in Cheshire, Contemporary North West, a group of contemporary photographers in the North West of England and the Royal Photographic Society.


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